Tuesday, April 9, 2013

MasQUEERade and healing

I was so excited for the second chance prom on Saturday to make up for the terrible, terrible senior prom I had. No, this prom wasn't perfect or everything that I wanted from my real prom, but I made an important realization- I am finally the person I wanted to be this time last year. I was in a difficult situation last year around prom time, but I made it even more miserable for myself. This time I danced like an idiot and realized that that's what I was really missing out on. 

At 9, a friend came over and helped me pick out an outfit and helped me curl and pin my hair up and do this really fantastic glittery makeup

There were rhinestones involved. I felt so badass. 

Then I went to the dance with my friend, Cesar, and we met up and danced with some other friends of ours and some people I didn't know. It's okay because one of the guys called me a "badass bitch in charge," so I am a fan. Anyway, we danced for two hours and the music was awesome and we all scream-sang to Thrift Shop and it was perfect. 

I was looking at the music with my friend and there was this other girl looking at it and I introduced myself to her because I had seen her before. Then I got them to play Wannabe and I asked this girl, Steph, to dance and I was so awkward *facepalm* but later I told her my last name and she added me on Facebook. 

Yay, so the dance was really great and I just danced like I haven't danced in a really long time and I'm glad I went. 

Then yesterday, I called my ex and we talked about a lot of things that we had been needing to talk about for most of our relationship. It was sad and I just sat on the roof and sobbed for a lot of the call, but I finally feel solid about where we are and our future. I feel like I can move on now and have closure, so that is a great feeling. 

And today, Steph and I went to get coffee and talked for two hours and it was reallly awesome and she is so cute and I don't even know what to do with myself. So, that's a good sign. 
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